Best Songs For Wedding

If you are one of those people out there who is marrying soon, have you checked mp3 juice to see the playlist for your wedding? The wedding is one of the best days of your life. The magical and incredible day should be accompanied by great music. Prepare the dance floor since you will have the greatest hits for a wedding. Those songs are current favorites. The songs can be the inspiration for your entrance, dance, and reception jams. Check this out!

Best Mp3 Juice Songs For Wedding

  • Bruno Mars – Versace on the Floor

Although this song is already mainstream as wedding song in 2017, we can’t deny that this sexy song from Bruno Mars is epic and timeless. What is this song about? Don’t tell us. We know that Versace on the Floor is the perfect song for your dance. It’s ok if you don’t wear Versace gown. The song is awesome and it just makes you fall in love with your lover once again as you take off your gown.


  • Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Another wedding-worthy song comes from this British singer who just engaged at the end of 2017! Ed Sheeran’s latest album Divide is magical. You can pour your feelings to your wife through this song. In 2015, we got Thinking Out Loud as the song that plays in many weddings. Last year we got Perfect. Ed Sheeran is really genius in putting feelings for someone that we truly care about.


  • SIA – Helium

Another masterpiece from SIA that become chart-topper in mp3 juice. SIA has dreamy vocals that make this emotional song fit for the last dance. Helium is a song that tells about the power of love. It can lift you up even when you are at the lowest point of your life. You can feel a dramatic moment through this song.

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