Bromo Tour Plans

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Mount Bromo does one of the mountains that have become icon and tourism mainstay near East Java. What makes Bromo Mountain favored by tourists is that because Bromo is famous for the beauty of its sunrise that can be enjoyed at the peak of Penanjakan 1 in Bromo. Not just sunrise, but also a lot of beautiful scenery such as Bromo Crater is still active, sand whisper Bromo, and savanna Bromo. All tourists would be curious to feel the cool weather, so more and more people coming to Bromo. If you also want to visit Bromo to experience that feeling of natural cold weather, certainly you need to have some plans for Bromo tour.

Plans You Need To Prepare For Bromo Tour

Here are the plans for you who want to enjoy Bromo tour. What has to be prepared firstly is that about the time you will consider. The best time to visit Bromo is during the dry season. Even though, now the weather is unconditional to be predicted because of global warming. Visiting Bromo in the dry season is considered the best time because at that time the weather is very bright, not cloudy and sunrise would be seen clearly. Then, you need to prepare for the lodging because it is important for you to rest. Before your visiting, it is better to search some information about the lodging price and facility in the lodge. Afterward, you can arrange your budget considering the plans.

However, do not miss your jacket at home because the weather of Bromo Mountain is very cold.  Also, you need scarves, hats, gloves, shoes, flashlight, and mask. That stuff is very important to bring when you are in the cold weather of mountain. That is all some information for preparation if you have the desire to visit beautiful Bromo Mountain. If you need more information about Bromo tourism you can also visit There you can find other information Bromo tourism like package, Ijen tour package.