How To Ride An Elephant?

Elephant ride Bali is still a popular activity to do. Although there are many activists that suggest people not to ride elephants, elephants in Bali are live well so they can ride people. Balinese don’t train the elephants in such an inhuman training method. They don’t exploit and hurt the elephant. They also don’t use a metal chair to carry the passengers. If you want to ride an elephant, make sure that you choose a safe method for both you an elephant. Here are our tips on riding an elephant.

How To Experience Elephant Ride Bali Well?

The first tip for elephant ride Bali is that you should wear lightweight clothing. Wearing short is very convenient. But maybe you want to wear long pants to protect your skin from bugs. If long pants are not convenient, you can roll them up to make it cooler. As for the top, you can choose between tank top and t-shirt.  Before you ride an elephant, make sure you wear sunblock all over your body so you don’t get burned, elephant riding always in the noon, you don’t want your skin to become darker right? You should wear hat and sunglasses too since the tour will be very hot. Bug spray also necessary to protect your skin from a bug bite.

Some tours will cross the river. Elephants like to play water. In this case, you need to bring other clothes for a change. There is a possibility if you getting wet. Maybe you also want to bath them, so you must bring clothes. Don’t bring too much item since it will burden the elephant. You can bring your camera and also the bag if you think that the tour will cross the river. If your camera is water resistant, you don’t have to bring camera bag along with you. If you are interested in elephant ride Bali, book your reservation on asap!