Indonesia Frozen Shrimp Prawn Famous Suppliers

Indonesia as one of the world’s largest maritime nations will certainly produce processed food ingredients derived from the sea or commonly called seafood. One of the most favorite seafood most of Indonesia society is shrimp. Shrimp as one of the insects in the sea has a good shelf life if the skin is not removed, but the shrimp that is not done any handling can only survive a few days. Will be better or shelf life will be longer if the shrimp is processed into frozen shrimp. Where shrimp that have been frozen will have a much longer shelf life when compared to what not done anything. So in Indonesia itself has many companies handling the process of freezing shrimp. Here is a description.

Pt. Red Claw As Indonesia Frozen Shrimp Prawn Suppliers

Here will be discussed in detail about propyl companies engaged in the field of fisheries. The name of red claw farmer company with its director named Budi Utomo. As well as the owner of the company, this company has had many employees about 25 employees. This company is addressed on the road paccekarang number 3, power, Makassar province in South Sulawesi with zip code 90241, phone number that can be contacted is (62-816) 4391902 with email is his business category is fishery, with the business status of this company is as a seller. Commodity index produced is frozen shrimp, especially commodity shrimp that have red claws or commonly called red claw shrimp.

Red claw cultivation company is different from others, where the company is only providing a type of frozen shrimps that only have a red claw only. For its price range can be run because this company uses negotiable assistant to produce the mutual agreement between seller and buyer. As for FOB is the area around Makassar, this shrimp packing using the Styrofoam box. Type of business is done other than as a distributor, this company also as a producer where the shrimp produced is the result of its own cultivation. The company that has existed since 2005 has been marketing its commodities to the local market throughout Indonesia. That’s just a few things about frozen shrimp suppliers that exist in Indonesia, for more details can directly contact the following website is there will be explained in detail about the frozen shrimp.