Knowing The Best Protein Sources For Vegan

Protein is very important as your source of nutrition. You will need protein if you want to add the mass of your muscle and get rid your fat too. Besides, protein also very good to consume in the morning in your breakfast time. So, how to find the best protein sources? Are they all meats and animal based? Well, you may find out here.

Several Best Protein Sources For Vegan You Should Know

There are so many protein sources in this world. You should not worry to feel bored with one or two menus of your breakfast. You can explore the protein sources and eat the different and fresh menu every morning. Here are the best protein sources:

  1. This is one of delicious fermented food from Asia; especially Indonesia. It has 41 g of protein per one cup.
  2. You will get 31 g of protein from 3 oz of seitan.
  3. You will get many things from this food but it gives you much protein too. Per one cup of it; you will get 21 g of protein.
  4. Per one cup of lentils; you will get 18 g of protein.
  5. Black Beans. You will find 15 g protein for 1 cup of black beans.
  6. Kidney Beans. From this delicious beans, you will get 13 g protein per 1 cup.
  7. Veggie burger. Per one patty of the burger; you will get 13 g protein. Well, it should be a veggie burger.

Furthermore, there are more sources of protein for vegans such as chickpeas, baked beans, firm tofu, quinoa and peanut butter. You can choose one of the foods or use them all on each different day. So, that is all the protein sources for vegan. Now, you can tell people that vegan also can eat a lot of protein sources.