The Population Of Dust Mites

In fact, that more than 250 million people have mites on their bodies every year? For some people, there are no symptoms, but some are easily infected by these small insects. Dust mite bites are usually characterized by inflammation in the bite area, itching, and other problems. A crowded environment between one house and another or a slum environment is an ideal place for mites to grow.

Not Only Dangerous Dust Mite Bites, These Types Of Mites Come With Influence

Do you know that you are the host of the mites? These dust mite bites can infect our skin all. They do not suck blood and do not cause disease. Follicle mites are the cause of facial dermatitis as do acne. Furthermore, there are Demodex mites. There are around two types of Demodex mites that live in the human body, namely folliculorum Demodex that is usually found in the hair follicles and Demodex Brevis that is usually found in oil glands. This mite often infects the elderly and usually does not cause symptoms, but it can increase the number of populations if the immune system is being dropped and also stress. These mites will cause inflammation and itching of the skin. Last is the eyelash mite. Everyone can have eyelash mites, it is very small and you cannot see it. If you are infected by eyelash mites, then your eyes will feel itchy and eyelashes can fall out. This reaction actually varies in each person, can be mild or even severe. It depends on several factors, such as the individual’s immunity.

Based on the three mites discussed above explain that the dust mites bites do not always have a harmful effect on human health. Yet, the similarity of them is equally cannot be directly seen by the eye. Herein lies the superiority of the mites, we cannot immediately stop the action of the mite biting our skin.